Keeping your child’s interest in reading is important but can be difficult if you have a child who is struggling to read. Step up — high interest low readability books. These books will keep a child’s interest while being easier to read for them. There are a variety of publishers that cater to this genre of books

Hooking Your Child on Reading

Is your child frustrated and uninterested in reading? If they are reading books that are too difficult to read or not of interest, they may not want to keep on going. Giving your child a choice of books that are interesting to them will help greatly to keeping them engaged with the learning process. There are a variety of books that are interesting but have a lower reading level to keep frustration to a minimum.

What to Look For in the Books

Look for books that have interesting graphics and photographs but still have some text alongside. Pages full of text might be daunting for some children. Choose books that have some white space and are not filled with text.

Books that are in this segment have carefully chosen vocabulary, shorter sentences but are compelling stories to engage your child.

Read both fiction and non-fiction selections. This offers a variety to choose from and for some children they may be more interested in non-fiction topics than fiction.

Non fiction books

Non fiction focuses on the world around us and this will appeal to most children. Try to find topics that your child loves – nature, sports, books about historical figures and the list goes on. Here are some examples to get you started:

Fiction books

Graphic novels provide lots of illustrations but also a story line. Here are a few to try

  • El Deafo by Cece Bell – bestseller and 2015 Newberry Honor Book, this superhero is really just trying to fit in and find her own place in school life.
  • Lunch Lady and the Cybourg Substitute by Jarrett J. Krosoczka – this one that starts off a series of fun filled books.
  • Babymouse Queen of the World by Jennifer L. Holm – winner of children’s choice awards, this series will be a sure hit.
  • Big Box of Big Nate Boxed Set by Lincoln Pierce – Soon to be a series on Nickelodeon, this will be a hit with middle graders.

Chapter book series keep kids asking for more. By following familiar characters, these series maintain interest level but also make it easier to follow along with the same characters.

Don’t forget poetry- this can be engaging and humourous as well

Follow Your Child’s Interests

If your child has started to read but is still struggling, there are plenty of options of books to choose from that will be at their level. The best will be books that follow their interests whether it be sports or animals or strange humour!